Poundland ‘naughty’ elf ad deemed ‘irresponsible’ by regulator – BBC News

The social media campaign, which featured sexual references, breached the ASA code of practice.

Source: Poundland ‘naughty’ elf ad deemed ‘irresponsible’ by regulator – BBC News

Have another look at Livingstone & Lunt’s ideas on Media Regulation – Which can be found in the theorist poster on the wall or on StudentShare.

Do you agree or disagree with the ASA?

Lidl’s new Christmas advert

Bit of a personal one this one, apologies in advance.

The new Lidl advert (I saw on Channel 4 over the weekend) featured a product which is basically chicken, duck and turkey in one (I forgot the proper name for this), in my opinion this is foul (no pun intended) enough, but the advert ended with the line ‘so everyone’s happy, well except for the duck, chicken and turkey’.

Now, this hit a nerve, as I found this to be in quite bad taste, so as you do I went onto Lidl’s Facebook to lodge a complaint.  There I was surprised to see that I was far from the only one as several people seemed quite upset about it.  Following others steps I then went to the Advertising Standards Agency website to lodge a formal complaint, I also Twitted the ASA to back this up, and they actually tweeted back to let me know that they were looking into it.

So there you go, advertising can engage the audience in negative ways and using eMedia to contact institutions, I was able to have a forum to air my distaste.