Was it Facebook ‘wot won it’? – BBC News

Here’s an article I just read closely related to my post yesterday: Is the media responsible for Trump’s victory? (In a way you may not expect)

Is broadcast and print media not as influencial as it thinks it is?

Facebook played a large role in the US election, but Mark Zuckerberg is not engaging with claims that it helped Donald Trump win.

See below for the full article:

Source: Was it Facebook ‘wot won it’? – BBC News

Facebook language hijinks

I’ve just discovered you can change the language of Facebook to ‘English (Pirate)’, which amongst other things, changes ‘like’ to ‘arr’ and ‘friends’ to ‘me hearties’.

Terence and Hannah inform me that this is old news, but I don’t care.

This reminds me of a joke;

Q. ‘Why are Pirates?’

A. ‘Because they arrrr!!