Past paper (and mark scheme) archives

Below is a link to AQA’s A Level Media Studies past paper and mark scheme area (Needs a catchier name I know), now before you thank me, I have not done you any special favours or broken any rules, these are available at any time.

It is worth noting however, before you go reading mark schemes to try and gain an ‘advantage’, remember the following:

  1. You don’t know what exam i’m giving you for your mock next week (and are you really going to be able to memorise several documents of information?!)
  2. Even if you manage 1, you won’t be able to do this for the summer exam, so ask yourself ‘Is it really worth it?’
  3. Cheaters never win.

Past Papers & Mark Schemes

MYTH: You (as students) can’t access past papers & mark schemes.

TRUTH: WRONG! You can, at any time.  AQA makes these freely available on their website:

Just choose the following (obvious) options from the drop down menus:

Subject: Media Studies [Tricky I know]

Qualification: A-Level

Specification : Media Studies 2570

Series: [Choose a year!]

Year 12 – You want Unit 1

Year 13 – It is Unit 3 you seek.