The Worst Movie of 2012

A lot of low budget movies have been the surprise of the horror genre, but the main film that always comes to mind is Paranormal Activity. As I am not really a horror fan to begin with, I usually stray away from those type of movies. But today, I was shown that sometimes the biggest horrors in film is the gross made at the box office. Well for producers anyway.

Cue the movie ‘Playback’.

Whenever I think of “tanks” in film, I’d probably mention an action movie such as xXx 2 or White House Down, where explosions literally rained down from the sky. And they had tanks.

But I’m a year ahead of Playback… a movie which cost $7.5 million and only made $252 on it’s opening weekend.

Wait, what?

Yes, it only made $252 at box office, if you don’t count the first week, where they earned an extra $12 dollars on that total. So a total of $264 in a week (if you count overtime).

The producers shouldn’t be too upset. It could be a lot worse, they could’ve ran out of tissues for a start.

For all your crying and snotty needs

Playback (2012) – IMDb.

The Independent

This weekend I was sitting having breakfast in an upmarket restaurant in the city of London (as you do).  The restaurant gave me a complementary copy of The Independent to mull over as I had a miniature version of what they called a ‘full’ English breakfast, but I digress.

I must confess I have never picked up a copy of this newspaper before, and I knew I was in trouble when I turned to the back pages, looking for the sport section, but found instead information about stocks and shares.

The Independent is a bit different you see, no stories about Harry whatshisname from One Direction, no further analysis about why Joe Hart has been benched for Man City (Although I did eventually find the sport section in the middle), just huge swathes of information and the occasional opinion by somebody whose occupation sounded rather important.  There was even a section where the editor discussed/defended the recent changes in the layout, including fonts and colours.

The point(s) of this analysis is of course

  1. When we think of Print as a media platform, perhaps one often thinks of newspapers first, but within this medium, the range in genre and codes and conventions is much greater than one would initially realise.
  2. Don’t go to a posh restaurant if you’re really hungry.