MEST 3 – Past New Digital Media Questions

“As a result of developments in new and digital media, traditional media institutions face a struggle to survive.” Use your case study to discuss this statement.

Data is “retained and subsequently used without the subscriber or registered user being informed… private lives are the subject of constant surveillance”. European Court of Justice – April 2014
With reference to your case study, discuss the extent to which you agree that ‘private lives are the subject of constant surveillance’.

One of the great benefits of new and digital media is that they have enabled audiences to set their own agenda in terms of how they use the media. Does evidence from your

MEST 3 – Past Identities Questions

“Popular ideas about the self in society have changed, so that identity is today seen as more fluid and transformable than ever before.” David Gauntlett

Use your case study to explore this idea.

“In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to create an ‘alternative’ identity is becoming more difficult.” Does your case study support this view?

Access to social media has empowered people to assert their true identity. Does evidence from your case study suggest that this is the case?

“To argue that audiences have their identities shaped by the media they consume is simply to insult them. People are much smarter than that.’’ Does your case study

indicate that people are ‘much smarter than that’?

Using your own case study, evaluate the appeal of stereotypical representations for

producers and audiences.

Does your case study suggest it is possible for representations to challenge dominant ideologies and values?

MEST 3 – Past Question 2s

How do media products encourage audiences to agree with a certain set of values and beliefs?

You may refer to other media products to support your answer.


In what ways are issues of personal identity presented in the media? You may refer to other products to support your answer.

How successful are audiences in using new and digital media to represent themselves?

You may also refer to other media products to support your answer.

How is the representation of masculinity constructed to appeal to the audience?
You may also refer to other media products to support your answer.

Why are media products that represent outsiders, such as vampire films, so popular? You may also refer to other media products to support your answer.

How has digital television transformed the viewing behaviour of audiences? You may also refer to other media products to support your answer.

Gaming culture is often represented negatively. How is this being challenged?
You may also refer to other media products to support your answer.

MEST 3 – Past Question 1s

What media language techniques are used to make each product appear authoritative and trustworthy?

Evaluate how the people who are against the BNP are represented in each media product.

Evaluate how each media product represents young people.

Consider how the two adverts use mise-en-scène to sell a lifestyle.

Evaluate how the two trailers use the narrative technique of enigma to encourage the target audience to watch the films.

Evaluate how the narrative techniques used attempt to position the audience and to create excitement

How does Kerrang! create a strong brand identity in these print and online products?

How are media language techniques used to make the two media products appear believable and authoritative?


MEST 3 Example questions & Exemplar answers

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