YouGov | How left or right-wing are the UK’s newspapers?

Still trying to understand left and right-wing ideologies and the impact on audiences? This excellent analysis should help.

Complaints that the British press has a right-wing bias have long been made by left-wingers – but is this a state of affairs the public recognises?

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Newspaper headlines: Air crash horror and ‘free speech’ fury – BBC News

Understandably, most front pages cover the EgyptAir plane crash, but there are some interesting things that you could discuss in an analysis.

Credit to @1stbarnard for discovering this.

The Metro‘s coverage is arguably the most diplomatic, but note the emphasis on the fact that a British citizen is among the victims. The suggestion that a terrorist attack was the cause is in the subhead.

The Times, (The Sun in a suit), chooses to illustrate the tragic event.

The Daily Mail chooses to focus on it’s usual anti-immigration rhetoric. Shocker.

Other notable covers, include the horrible linguistic codes used by The Daily Star to explain the crash and The Sun‘s crude coverage of a celebrity gagging order.

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What do you make of this?

Source: Newspaper headlines: Air crash horror and ‘free speech’ fury – BBC News

Today’s Newspaper headlines

Newspaper headlines: Hatton Garden heist arrests and ‘history in a handshake’ – BBC News.

A few things to look for:

  • Subverting stereotypes of ‘old people’ in the Hatton Garden story.
  • Wider issues & debates (Right to die, Prince Charles meeting Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams).
  • The Daily Mail pointing out that the NHS nurse who has murdered patients is Filipino (Gasp!)

Anyway, have a read.