Newspapers for schools

Here’s an early Christmas present for you. I’ve re-signed us onto Newspapers for Schools, which gives you:

  • Access to over 140 UK newspapers
  • One-stop-shop for researching leading UK national and regional newspapers.
  • Over 35 million articles
  • 2006 up to present day
  • Search by keyword or author

Really useful for carrying out research for any topic in the news, building a bibliography or just staying informed!

I will email the login details, if you need them resent, just email me.

NEW: Library Resources

The menu on the left of this post has a new addition, ‘Library Resources’.

This site has a variety of really useful AND helpful AND free resources; some for general research, but also some specifically for A-Level Media Studies students.

Mr Iona (@oasisenfieldlibrary) has done a fabulous job of finding and organising these resources for you, they are there to be used!

He will be popping into your lessons this week to give a short talk and demonstration, so that you know how to use them.